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Working together

Its important to work together to promote understanding and communication. Click on the tabs below for ideas.

Supporting the studentSupporting the student with peersSupporting the student with school staff

Ask the student… what helps them most? What makes life difficult?

Do they need help to understand and deal with their difficulties?

Do they WANT help? If so, what kind of help?


  • Do they need to explain their difficulties?
    • Talk to other pupils, explain what their equipment is, what helps or makes life difficult
    • Do they want to do it or want someone else to explain?
  • Local NDCS groups and local activities/ fun days
  • Look Smile Chat – NDCS campaign to improve understanding of deafness amongst teenagers and to help deaf and hearing teenagers communicate with each other
  • Buzz website
    • Website for deaf 11 to 18 year olds
    • Make friends, play games, read news and articles, learn about deaf role models, advice and info, helpline, events
    • Areas on- BSL,  Bullying, Communication, Deafness and Deaf identity, Health and wellbeing, Sex, relationships and your body, Your zone.
    • Blogs from deaf young people!

  • Look Smile Chat – Campaign to improve understanding of deafness– resources include posters, lesson plans for teachers etc.
  • NDCS resources – books on
    • Deaf awareness
    • Supporting achievement
    • Mental health and wellbeing
    • Peer support / anti bullying
    • And much more!
  • TOP RESOURCE – ‘Supporting the Achievement of Deaf Children in Secondary Schools’ – a must have booklet – free to download!
  • TOP RESOURCE – Whole section on how to get support at secondary school or college – aimed at parents but useful for professionals too! Click here…
  • Local NDCS groups and local activities/ fun days

Other useful resources

Ear Foundation Resources –

  • For Professionals/Parents:
    • ‘Teenagers with Cochlear Implants’ booklet
  • For Teenagers
  • Sounding board
    • Teens section – AB and Ear Foundation joint project – teenagers experiences, thinking about getting a CI, info about CIs, connecting to other equipment (phones, iPods etc)


 Google searches


USAIS Teens Events


Check your knowledge

Question 1

What can you do to make listening easier for a student with CIs?

Question 2

Should a student with cochlear implants be taken to meet up with other deaf students?

Question 3

Select 3 things you or the student can do if their processor isn't working.

Question 4

Which 3 things from the following list might a deaf student be entitled to in an exam?

Question 5

If the deaf student decides to do an apprenticeship, does their trainer / employer have to do anything to support them?

Question 6

Can a deaf student with CI who uses British Sign Language go to FE college or University?


Key concepts