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Assistive Listening Devices

Wireless accessories and assistive listening devices can be beneficial for more challenging listening environments. Examples include background noise, watching television or in a meeting or lecture.

All the cochlear implant manufacturers produce a range of accessories to help users to get the most from their CI’s. These include TV listeners, remote microphones and Bluetooth enabled phone clips which wirelessly stream sound to the processor. These are available direct from the manufacturers and some may be included within the patient’s kit.

cochlear wireless accessories MED-EL neckloop
Advanced Bionics ComPilot______________     Cochlear Wireless Accessories____________         MED-EL Artone Neckloop

There are also many other assistive listening devices available from a range of other manufacturers that can be beneficial to CI users. These include personal listeners, TV amplifiers and amplified telephones. Many of these make use of the telecoil technology built in to the CI processors. Specially adapted smoke alarms and doorbell alerts that use a vibrating pager or pillow pad are also useful, especially at night when the CI user is in bed and will not be wearing their processor.

Action on Hearing Loss and Connevans both stock a wide range of assistive listening technology from a variety of manufacturers.

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