Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS)

The University of Southampton and Psychology Academic Unit (AU) operate in accordance with a Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS). This scheme—specific to England, Wales and Northern Ireland—exists to monitor, record, and reward passage through modular degree programmes, as well as to facilitate the movement of students between different courses and Universities. All Psychology modules are worth 15 CATS points.


Information for Erasmus Exchange Students

Many Universities in Europe (for example, in Scotland and the Netherlands) operate in accordance with a different scheme: the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Luckily, credits in the CATS system and in the ETCS system can be converted into each another. You can calculate CATS points by doubling the ECTS points. For instance, Erasmus students will earn 7.5 ETCS points for each 15 CATS module that they successfully complete in Psychology. Conversely, Psychology students who go abroad will earn 15 (or 30) CATS credits for every 7.5 (or 15) ETCS credits that they accumulate aboard.

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