Year Three Awards

A range of awards can be won each year by Undergraduate Students in Psychology, in recognition of exceptional academic and intellectual achievements. In order to recognize the efforts of a number of high achieving students across the cohort, some exclusion criteria have been introduced while recognizing and respecting the intentions of external awarding bodies.

Accordingly, the following prizes can be won by Year Three BSc Psychology undergraduates:


BPS and Academic Unit Psychology Undergraduate Award

  • Quantity: 1
  • Prize: £100, a book, and a one-year BPS membership

The best performing Year Three student, based on an average (equally weighted) mark for Year Two and Three, will be awarded £100, a book and a one-year British Psychological Society membership.


BPS Wessex and Wight Branch Award (Tony Gale Memorial Award)

  • Quantity: 1
  • Prize: £150 and invitation to present at BPS Undergraduate Conference (upon submission of one-page synopsis for publication in Wessex Branch Bulletin)

The BPS Wessex and Wight Brance Award (Tony Gale Memorial Award) will be awarded to the Year Three student who achieves the highest mark for PSYC 3005 Empirical Project: Research Paper.

Note: The same student can win both prizes above. However, this then disqualifies them from winning any further prizes below.


Gordon Trasler Award

  • Quantity: 1
  • Prize: £100

The student who achieves the highest overall Year Three performance, based on the highest aggregate mark across Year Three modules, will be awarded £100. (Excluding Prizes Above)


Blossom Galinski Awards

  • Quantity: 2 awards available
  • Prize: £100 per award

The two students who achieve the highest average marks for the PSYC3003 Empirical Paper: Literature Review and PSYC3005 Empirical Paper: Research Paper will be awarded £100 each. [See Minute of 20th June, 2005] (Excluding All Prizes Above)

Note: No student can win both the Gordon Trasler Award and Blossom Galinski Award. If a student is eligible for more than one based on their mark, then the next student in line will be considered. Priority is considered in the order in which the awards are listed above. In the case of tied marks, the award and prize fund will be split equally.


Stephen MacKeith Award

  • Quantity: 1
  • Prize: £100

The student with the most original or imaginative Literature Review and Empirical Paper (PSYC3003 and PSYC3005) will be awarded the Stephen MacKeith Award. Special consideration given for topics to do with children’s imagination. A high mark is not necessarily required.

Note: Any student can win the Stephen MacKeith award, regardless of other awards.


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