British Psychological Society (BPS) Accreditation

The BSc Education and Psychology degree programme at the University of Southampton meets the requirements of the British Psychological Society (BPS). The programme produces graduates who are eligible to apply for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC), a prerequisite for further professional training accredited by the BPS. For example, GBC is an entry requirement for many BPS accredited postgraduate training courses. The programme achieves this goal by assuring both the quality and content of the individual units.

For more information about the British Psychological Society (BPS), and becoming a Graduate Member, please see the British Psychological Society’s webpage.

There are a number of benefits attached to GBC membership, the most important of which is that virtually all postgraduate programmes in Psychology require as a condition of entry that your undergraduate degree has been accredited by BPS. Since most Psychology careers require a postgraduate qualification in a specialised area of Psychology, gaining GBC is an important first step for a career in Psychology. Please click here to see a list of the benefits attached to GBC membership.


Are you eligible to apply for the GBC?

In addition to the required, “core” modules that you take as part of the BSc Education and Psychology joint honours programme (please see the ‘Your Academic Programme’ page to view the structure of the degree programme), you also have to take the following two modules in order to qualify for British Psychological Society accreditation:

  • ‘EDUC2045 Cognitive Psychology in Education’ in YEAR TWO, SEMESTER TWO
  • ‘EDUC3022 Advanced Research Methods’ in YEAR THREE, SEMESTER ONE.

In addition, to become a Graduate Member of the Society you need to:

  • Pass your Year Three PSYC3003 Literature Review and PSYC3005 Research Paper (if you are supervised in the Psychology AU) or EDUC3027 Dissertation (if you are supervised in  the Southampton Education School) at a minimum mark of 40%.
  • Achieved a minimum of a lower 2nd class honours (2:2) degree grade at the end of your three years.

Therefore, to be eligible to apply for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership, you MUST:

  1. Take (or have taken) the specified BPS pathway;
  2. Pass (or have passed) your Year Three Empirical Project; AND
  3. Achieve (or have achieved) a minimum of a 2:2 as your final degree grade.

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