Sources of Student Support

Over the three years of your Undergraduate Programme, you may encounter challenges and difficulties of one sort of another that go beyond the merely academic. Various sources of support are available to you in your Academic Units and at the University of Southampton, to help you cope with these challenges and difficulties.

AU Support

Here some first ports of call.

  1. First, you can contact your own Personal Academic Tutor.
  2. You can contact the Senior Tutor, or your Personal Academic Tutor may refer you to them.
  3. You can contact your Programme Director.

They will be able either to give you advice and support themselves, or direct you to other more suitable forms of advice of support.


University-wide Support

The University of Southampton offers advice and support to students in many forms. This forms include, but are not limited to, individual counselling, and aid for students with disabilties, learning difficulties, or other medical conditions.

Complete details are available here:


Other Key Contacts

The General Phone-Line for all Student Services enquiries is +44 (0)2380599599.

In times of crisis, students, friends, staff or family are encouraged to contact the First Support team on:

  • Email:
  • Telephone Number One: +44 (0)2380597488 (internal: 27488) OR
  • Telephone Number Two: +44 (0)2380594822 (internal: 24822)

In times of immediate crisis, contact the University of Southampton’s security service on +44 (0)2380593311 (internal: 23311).

Peer Support

University of Southampton faculties and societies provide new undergraduate students with opportunities to liaise with current students who are able to offer advice and guidance based on their own experience as they adjust to living and learning at the University.  Some of these opportunities are described as student buddying, family or peer mentoring schemes.

Southampton Education School is running such a scheme this year.  There will be a session during the Induction programme which will explain what it involves and where you will have the opportunity to take part in the scheme and to meet your potential “buddies”.  Their role is to help you with settling in, and to provide advice and guidance about how the University and the School work, as well as about the social opportunities available at the University.  Note, though, that this does not involve providing academic guidance; you should consult with your personal tutor about academic issues.

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