Examination Marking and Feedback


Like your coursework assignments, your examinations are also marked out of 100, using a Categorical Marking Scheme.

These individual marks contribute towards the aggregate mark for a module. Your aggregate module mark is a weighted average of all the assessment marks in each module, as some assessments may be weighted more heavily than others (for example, 60% examination versus 40% coursework). ‘Assessment Notes’ for each module are stated in each Module Outline. You will also receive an overall mark for each year, which is obtained by averaging the aggregate marks across all eight of your modules.

PLEASE NOTE: You should be aware of the criteria you need to meet in order to progress into Year Two, progress into Year Three, or to graduate.


Feedback on Examinations

Both the Southampton Education School and Psychology Academic Unit seek to provide clear, informative, and useful feedback on examination performance.

Typically, both Academic Units publish feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the performance of the whole group that took the examination. This may be in the form of the average mark of the group and the distribution of marks for the examination.

In addition, Module Coordinators aim to provide qualitative, collective feedback for each examination question they set. This feedback can, for example, describe what constitutes better and poorer answers, and how these relate to marks.

The examination feedback for your Education modules is made available on Blackboard.

The examination feedback for your Psychology modules is made available on eFolio.


Access to Examination Scripts

If, after having seen marks and feedback for each examination, you are still unsure about why you received an examination mark, then you can request that your Module Coordinator/Instructor go through your examination scripts with you, for the purpose of your own learning (for example, to help you to improve your future performance).

Students are entitled to view their examination scripts on request to the Faculty. Please contact your Student Office (Email: StudentOffice.FSHS@soton.ac.uk) using the “Request to view Exam Script” form if you would like to discuss accessing an examination script.

PLEASE NOTE: You are only permitted to view an examination script to enable you to see how you can improve your future performance. No mark or annotation on the script is negotiable or open to alteration, and you may not question the academic judgement of the examiners. The absence of annotation on a script does not mean it has not been marked.

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