Year Two

In the second year, you build on material briefly described in your two introductory Psychology courses in Year One (PSYC1004 and PSYC1009) and will cover material in-depth from key areas of psychology, such as Neuropsychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Individual Differences. Interactive research methods modules in Education and Psychology will extend your preparation for your final year Empirical Project. On top of this, a range of option module choices, for example, allow you to begin to apply cognitive processes to education and learning (EDUC2045) and develop your understanding of how learning takes place within different educational contexts (EDUC2031 & EDUC2038). Together, Year One and Two provide an excellent basis from which you can make informed choices between more flexible pathways in Year Three, and should enable you to carry out high-quality work.


These pages will introduce you to:

  • Year Two Modules (including important information on how to sign up for modules and BPS Accreditation)
  • The Psychology Academic Unit’s Research Participation Scheme in Year Two
  • Information on how to progress to Year Three, your options if you do not meet these criteria, and how to meet BPS requirements in Year Two
  • Erasmus Exchange Opportunities.

It is important to note that the marks you achieve in Year Two contribute towards ONE-THIRD of your final degree classification and grade. However, you must meet the specified standards in order to be able to progress into your third year of study and to attain BPS accreditation.


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