Induction for Year One Undergraduates

During your Year One Freshers’ Week, you are invited to attend a number of comprehensive and exciting Induction sessions to welcome you to the University of Southampton, the Southampton Education School and the Psychology Academic Unit.

So, what is the Induction week all about? The Induction is designed to provide a friendly yet focused context, within which students:

  • Are introduced to key members of staff in Southampton Education School and Psychology Academic Unit
  • Receive important information about their studies and degree programme
  • Develop relations with their Personal Tutor and fellow students
  • Complete the relevant programme administration
  • Are introduced to important University-wide services (such as Student Services, iSolutions and Health & Safety) and what the University has to offer
  • Take the first step towards establishing their identity as a member of their Academic Units and as a student at the University of Southampton.

Year One Induction Resources (2015/2016)

  • Please click here to view a copy of the Year One Induction Schedule for the 2015/16 academic year.
  • The Induction PowerPoint slides will be made available to you following your induction sessions.

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