Year Three

The third year continues to broaden and deepen the level of intellectual challenge. In the final year, Education and Psychology offers you a wide selection of option modules in each academic discipline, that allows you to develop the knowledge and skills you acquired in Year One and Two, and to specialise in the areas of the academic disciplines you are particularly interested in. In Education, this includes: Autism Spectrum Disorders, the Sociology of Education; Contemporary Debates and Issues in Education, Social Justice and Inclusion Education; and Current Issues in Teaching and Learning. In Psychology, this includes Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychopathology, Forensic Psychology, Perception, and many more.

In your third year, you must also elect to undertake an Empirical Project in Education (EDUC3027) or in Psychology (PSYC3003 and PSYC3005). This will be the culmination of your three years of research training and will constitute a valuable piece of research in Educational Psychology.


These pages will introduce you to:

  • Year Three modules (including important information about how to sign up for modules and BPS Accreditation) and the Empirical Project
  • The Psychology Academic Unit’s Research Participation Scheme in Year Three
  • Information on the criteria you need to meet to graduate and your options if you do not meet these criteria.

It is important to note that the marks you achieve in Year Three contribute towards TWO-THIRDS of your final degree classification and grade. However, you must meet the specified standards in order to be able to graduate and to attain BPS accreditation.

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