Preparing for Exams

You will know yourself how best you prepare for examinations. It is always worth remembering that the sooner you start your preparation the better and that one of the aims of each module is to help you prepare for the examination.  Make sure that you have a complete set of notes; that you understand their content; that you can apply the material by solving the example sheet questions; and that you have practiced questions from past papers under examination time constraints.  The University’s online archive of previously set examination papers is available to assist with your learning and preparation for forthcoming examinations.  There is a link to Past Exam Papers from the Students Portal of SUSSED.

Remember that if you get into difficulty during your revision process on a particular subject ask someone to help you. This may be either one of the lecturers or teaching assistants on the module.  For helpful hints on revision strategy and examination techniques, please click here.


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