Coursework Extensions

To avoid penalties for failing to submit coursework on time, or for failing to complete other coursework assignments on time, you can request an extension to your stated coursework deadline if you have a valid reason for doing so. You will need to follow different procedures for obtaining coursework extensions on your Education and Psychology assignments. The different procedures are outlined below.

The relevant form is available here:

Special Considerations and Deadline Extension Request Form


Extending your Education assignment deadline

  1. If you know there will be a valid reason why you cannot submit the work at the given date you must contact your Student Office (Email: soon as possibleWe advise you to discuss your situation with the relevant Module Coordinator, and perhaps your Personal Academic Tutor, that you wish to request an extension of the stated coursework deadline. This can be done in writing via email.
  2. Within Education modules a request to extend the deadline will not normally be considered within three full university working days of the published submission deadline.
  3. You should download and complete a Coursework Extension Request Form (see above), and complete it in as much detail and with as much evidence as possible.
  4. You should email the form to your Student Office ( or drop it into them in person.
  5. The Student Office will liaise with the relevant academic staff, arrange for your request to be reviewed and approved, and will email you with the outcome of your request.
  6. Until you have received the outcome of your request, please assume that the original deadline stands. You will be informed of your new deadline or that your request has been declined as soon as possible.

Extending your Psychology assignment deadline

If you have an issue that precludes you from working for FIVE or more days, then you may be eligible for a one-week extension for your assignment(s) to avoid late submission penalties. Deadlines for assignments (except PSYC 3003 and PSYC 3005) can be extended for up to one week. Difficulties interfering with your studies for longer periods of time should be discussed further with Psychology Student Support (Email: and addressed via Special Considerations.

Here is the procedure:

  1. The maximum extension that can be applied for is one week, except for PSYC 3003 and PSYC 3005, which may be allowed longer. If one week is not sufficient then Special Considerations should be submitted for the assignment.
  2. You should complete the Coursework Extensions Request form (see above), and submit it together with supporting documentation (see next point) to your Student Office or to Psychology Student Support at You should submit the form 48 hours before the original coursework deadline expires, or failing that as soon as possible afterwards.
  3. If you do not have supporting documentation at the time of submitting the form, then you should note on the form that supporting documentation will be supplied later, and supply it by the end of the Semester. If supporting documentation is not supplied later then late penalties will be applied even if the extension is initially approved in the absence of documentation. In some cases, a qualified member of staff, usually your Personal Academic Tutor, can write a letter of support for the application.
  4. Once the form is received, the extension will be approved or rejected by Psychology Student Support ( as soon as possible (usually within two days).
  5. Once the deadline is approved, the form will be processed by the Student Office to add the extended deadline to the assignment submission system.
  6. Until you have received the outcome of your request from Psychology Student Support, please assume that the original deadline stands. You will be informed of your new deadline or that your request has been declined as soon as possible.
  7. If an extension is approved and you feel that the assignment was still affected by your circumstances, please submit Special Considerations.

Further Information

If you cannot for some valid reason promptly complete and submit the relevant form, then please notify your Student Office (Email: and, in the case of your Psychology assignments, Psychology Student Support (Email: Alternatively, arrange to have someone else either contact this party or submit the form on your behalf.


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