Special Considerations

If you believe that illness or other circumstances have adversely affected your academic performance, this is known as Special Considerations.  If you wish for these circumstances to be considered by the Faculty you must complete a Special Considerations form.  It is important that you submit this to your Student Office in a timely manner (normally not more than five working days after any assessment or deadline that may have been affected by the circumstances). All claims must be substantiated by written documentary evidence, e.g., a medical certificate or GP/consultant letter, self-certification or a statement from your Personal Academic Tutor.  The purpose of asking for supporting documentation is for you to be able to corroborate the facts of your submission.

All claims will be reviewed by the Special Considerations Board which meets regularly throughout the year. You will be notified of the outcome of your claim once the Board of Examiners has considered the recommendation of the Special Considerations Board, and once the results have been released for the semester. Full details of the University’s policy on Special Considerations can be found here: http://www.calendar.soton.ac.uk/sectionIV/special-considerations.html. The Student Union Advice Centre also provide information about the special considerations process: https://www.susu.org/help-and-support/advice-centre/2015/academic-special-considerations.

Special considerations won’t change your marks but, if approved by the Special Considerations Board, allow for the following. If you were to fail a module due to affected performance or a missed exam, the special considerations allow you another chance at the relevant assignment in the supplementary exam period. If the module is passed, then in Year 1 special considerations are noted against the affected marks so that, if you were to have special considerations in the future, the board knows that this mark is not representative of your usual performance. In Years 2 and 3, special considerations allow any dip in your performance to be considered when calculating your overall degree classification at the end of Year 3 (once we know your whole mark profile)

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