The Research Participation Scheme: Year Two


Mrs Amanda Jenvey

Location: Building 44 (The Shackleton Building), Room 2003



Research Participation in Year Two

Single Honours Students

In Year Two, six core modules are linked to the Research Participation Scheme.

In Semester One, these are:

PSYC 2003: Social Psychology (core)
PSYC 2007: Developmental Psychology (core)
PSYC 2021: Language and Memory (core)

In Semester Two, these are:

PSYC 2006: Behavioural Neuroscience (core)
PSYC 2005: Individual Differences (core)
PSYC 2018: Perception (core)

To be awarded 2.0% of the marks for each one of these six modules, Single-Honours students must obtain:

48 credits in Semester One
72 credits in Semester Two

This amounts to 1.75% of the overall mark for Year Two as a whole.

Other students (e.g., Joint-Honours, ERASMUS, etc.)

Other students (e.g., Joint-Honours, ERASMUS, etc.)—who take some but not all of these modules—need to obtain:

16 credits per Year 2 module in Semester One
24 credits per Year 2 module in Semester Two

The number of credits students need to obtain—whatever it is—is their credit quota.

Whatever fraction of their quota they obtain, students will be awarded the corresponding fraction of the 2.0% of the marks for every module in Year 2 linked to the Research Participation Scheme.

For example, if you obtained your full quota, you would be awarded all of the 2.0% of the marks for every linked module; if you obtained half your quota, half of that 2.0%, or 1.0%; and if you obtained none of your quota, none of that 2.0%, or 0%.

If students exceed their quota, they will still be awarded only 2.0% of the marks for every linked module.


For further information about the Psychology Academic Unit’s Research Participation Scheme, please see the scheme’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.


Signing up to Studies

For information about available research studies, and to sign up to these studies, you need to go to your Research Dashboard on eFolio.

Before signing up to studies, you must make sure that you have completed your research profile. Please follow the link at the top of your Research Dashboard to complete your profile. This is required before you can gain access to the project system.

The sign up process is as follows:

  1. Go to your Research Dashboard at
  2. Click the tab called ‘Available Projects’, and you will see a list of all projects that are available to you (these are the projects that you are eligible to take).
  3. Click ‘More Details’ button next to any available projects to view the project details. A popup window will appear showing you what experiments are available in the project.
  4. Click the ‘Sign Up’ link next to the experiment you wish to participate in, this will take you to the Sign-up screen.
  5. On the sign-up screen you will see a list of available time slots for your chosen experiment. Simply choose one that is suitable and click the ‘Book This Slot’ button. You will see a sign-up confirmation message, and will receive an email from the project admin confirming your place.

Once you have booked a slot you will then be able to review the details from your Research Dashboard by clicking the ‘My Upcoming Experiments’ tab. This tab holds all of your upcoming participation times and locations.

When you book, please make a careful note of:

  • the researcher’s name
  • the participation credits offered
  • the location of the study
  • the starting and finishing times of the study

Research Credit Deadlines

The following deadlines for Research Participation are not negotiable:

Semester 1 deadlines
Deadline for students to participate in research Friday 12th January 2018
Semester 2 deadlines
Deadline for students to participate in research Friday 11th May 2018

For further enquiries, please contact Amanda Jenvey on

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