Missing an Exam

A zero mark will be automatically awarded for any missed examination.

However, if you miss an examination due to an exceptional circumstance then you may be permitted to resit that examination. In this case, you should, as promptly as possible, inform your Student Office (Email: StudentOffice.FSHS@soton.ac.uk) about your special circumstance. Your Student Office will provide you with relevant forms that need to be completed and will inform you of any documentation that you may need to supply in support of your circumstance, and which you must supply AS SOON AS YOU CAN.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are constantly available throughout term time and throughout examination periods to sit such examinations. Key academic dates can be viewed on ‘The Academic Calendar’ page.

PLEASE NOTE: You will also not be permitted to sit an examination if you arrive at the relevant venue too long after the specified admission time For further information please click here. 

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