Coursework Submission for Education Modules



Throughout your programme, the majority of your Education coursework assignments* should be submitted online via Blackboard and the TurnitinUK Plagiarism Detection Service.

If other arrangements are in force for the submission of a particular piece of coursework (e.g. paper submission), you will be informed by your Module Lead.

Typically, you need to submit your assignments BEFORE 16.00pm on the day of the stated deadline.


A guide to Blackboard and TurnitinUK

The upload process is very easy.

In Blackboard, an assessment upload ‘link’ will be made available in the Module page itself normally two to three days prior to the due date. You can upload your work early if you choose to do so. Having clicked on the upload link, you browse and find your file and upload it in a similar way to email attachments. PLEASE NOTE: In some modules, you can only upload your work once, so ensure that you upload the correct and final version of your work. In other modules, you can upload updated versions which overwrite any earlier submission.  The student office will be able to confirm how this applies to modules you are studying.

Please click the link below for a step-by-step guide to e-Submissions on Blackboard

The system does not accept documents produced in Works and a few other packages, so generally you should complete and save your work as a Microsoft Word document (i.e., .doc or .docx).

Please be aware that the upload system has a limit for the size of files which can be uploaded. Generally, essay type work does not cause any problems at all (even final year dissertations of 8000 words are easily uploaded), but you may find the size of your file prohibits upload, for example, if you put lots of pictures in it (which are large in size themselves).

In submitting your work, you are effectively ‘signing’ that your work has been produced in accordance with the expectations of the University and the Programme, for example, in terms of acknowledging all sources and contributions to the work. You will be taught about such expectations early on but it would be worth you looking at the University’s regulations on Academic Integrity.

It is advisable to upload your work with plenty of time to spare in case you experience any problems. It is important to note that e-submissions can take up to several minutes to process, depending on how busy the system is with concurrent e-submissions. Because of this, starting the submission process only minutes before the deadline may result in the process being completed sometime afterwards, and could result in a late submission penalty. Therefore, we recommend that you leave good time for your e-submission before the deadline.

Early e-submission also lessens the chance that a random interruption in your internet connection will prevent you from e-submitting on time. Such interruptions are not considered valid excuses. It is students’ responsibility to ensure that they are in a position to e-submit on time, and that a reliable internet connection is available. If, however, you do have any problems during the e-submission process you need to contact iSolutions ServiceLine urgently.


0238 059 5656 (off campus)

25656 (if on campus and using an internal phone, e.g. those in computer workstation rooms)


It is vital that you make a note of your Submission ID after you have submitted your assignment. It will appear when your assignment has been successfully submitted to TurnitinUK via Blackboard. This is a unique receipt number for your submission, and is proof of successful submission. Without this number, your Academic Unit and iSolutions will be unable to investigate any problems with your assignment at a later date.


* This refers to essays and other essay-like assignments, such as reports, diaries, blogs or wikis. Blogs and wikis may not be submitted electronically in the same way as standalone documents. Instead, they may simply have to be completed online by the stated deadline. It is important to make note of the submission arrangements that are in place for each module. Your Module Lead(s) will make you aware of any important information and/or changes to coursework submissions.


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