Academic Contacts

Your Module Lead(s)

You should address any enquiries or concerns you have regarding Module-related issues and/or specific lecture/tutorial content to your Module Coordinator(s). For example, you may not understand the module’s content or you are not sure about the assessment requirements of the module. The names and contact details or your Coordinators can be found on the relevant Module Outline page.

Programme Director

David Galbraith

Location: Building 32 (The EEE Building), Room 1023


You should contact David Galbraith with any enquiries or concerns you have regarding:

  • Programme-related issues, such as curriculum and structure.
  • British Psychological Society (BPS) Accreditation.
  • Year Three Empirical Projects in Education and Psychology (for prospective, Year Two students).
  • Erasmus Exchange opportunities attached to your degree programme.
  • Any issues that have not been (or cannot be) resolved with your Student Office, Personal Academic Tutor or Module Coordinator.

Senior Tutor

Mr Adrian C Halnan's photo

Adrian Halnan

Location: Building 32 (The EEE Building), Rom 1019

Your personal academic tutor may refer you to the Director of Undergraduate Programmes Senior Tutor who will have a more specialised understanding of supporting students, and may support you if you have a particular problem. You can also contact the Senior Tutor if you wish to change your allocated Personal Academic Tutor.

Director of Undergraduate Joint Honours Programme

Dr Jana Kreppner
Location: Building 44 (The Shackleton Building), Room 3076

You should address any enquiries/concerns you have relating to the Psychology curriculum and assessment of your undergraduate joint honours programme and, in particular, any issues that cannot be resolved by your Student Office, Personal Academic Tutor or Module Lead, to Dr Jana Kreppner.

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