Empirical Projects in Education

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It is important to remember that the EDUC3027 Dissertation module runs throughout the duration of your final year.


Information about Supervision

You will be supervised by a qualified Psychologist in Southampton Education School, such as David Galbraith or Dr Sarah Parsons. You will be told who your Project Supervisor is at the beginning of your third year.

The contact sessions with your supervisor will range from “core” sessions, to “drop-in” support sessions, to individual tutorial support.

At the start of Semester One, you will be invited to attend “core”, group sessions, which will outline what Southampton Education School expects from your project. The sessions will give advice on how to plan and carry out your research and to write your dissertation. It is strongly recommended that you attend these sessions. Following this, you will arrange to meet with your Project Supervisor to discuss your Project ideas and ERGO (Ethics and Research Governance Online submission system) documentation. ERGO is an electronic document handling system for Ethics form and any other supporting documentation relating to your research.

Two-hour “drop-in” support sessions, held at various points throughout the Academic year, as well as individual tutorial support, will constitute the remainder of your Project contact hours. It is important to remember that it is your responsibility to arrange individual contact time with your Supervisor.

The support that the Education School provides is to ensure that you will successfully design, research and produce a significant, independent assignment, and achieve your full potential. It is highly recommended that you make the most out the support the School provides.


Useful Resources

Module Outline

To give you an idea of what your Empirical Project will entail, you can access a Module Outline of the EDUC3027 Dissertation here:

Dissertation Handbook

A Dissertation Handbook will be made available to you at the start of your third year. You will be able to access the Handbook on EduNet, BlackboardThe Handbook complements the Module Outline, and provides a detailed overview of contact sessions throughout the 2016/17 Academic year, assessment structure and reading.

Assessment Guidelines

You can also access a separate guidelines sheet for your assessment here:

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