Additional Support and Special Considerations

Hopefully your time with us will be ‘problem free’ but there might be occasions when your ability to undertake your work and to produce assessments (such as, coursework and examinations) to the best of your ability is adversely affected by something: for example, a bereavement of a close family member or a recognised or long-term illness/condition. At any point during your time with us, if you are adversely affected by something the first thing that you should do is get in touch with your Personal Academic Tutor who will be able to advise you appropriately. It is always better to alert us to problems as early as you can.


Additional Support…

If you have a recognised condition (for example, dyslexia or diabetes) that is likely to affect you during examinations, please promptly inform the Student Office at the beginning of the academic year. They will advise you what formal documentation you must provide and what support services are available. It may be the case that your needs need to assessed by an advisor from the University’s Enabling Services team, who can recommend additional support that needs to be put in place for your forthcoming examinations (for example, allowing you extra time in your examinations, etc.). Usually, such recommendations would extend for the full period of your study at the University, unless the recommendation related to a temporary condition (for example, a short-term injury).

If you think you may have a condition for which special arrangements might be made, but are unsure either way, then please discuss the matter with your Personal Academic Tutor or with the Student Office.


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