How we keep in touch with you


We will use your University email account to contact you when necessary.  We will not use any other email accounts or social networking sites.  It is your responsibility to check your University email account regularly and you must not let your inbox exceed your storage limit.  Notification that you are due to exceed your storage limit will be sent to your University email account and you should take immediate action as you will be unable to receive further emails once your storage limit has been exceeded. 

Written Correspondence

Formal correspondence regarding your programme of study (e.g. suspension, transfer or withdrawal from programme, academic performance (including progression/referral information), issues of academic integrity, student complaints and academic appeals) will be sent to your term-time (TT) or permanent (PM) address listed as active on your student record.  You are responsible for advising the University if you change your permanent or term-time address.  Updates can be made via Banner Self Service.The University will not be held accountable if you do not receive important information because you failed to update your student record.

Use of social networking sites

We understand that students are increasingly using social networking sites to interact with members of their student community.  You should note that any behaviour that affects other members of the University community or members of the general public in ways which might damage the standing and reputation of the University may be subject to disciplinary action within the scope of the University’s Regulations.

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